Municipality of Mulege

San Juanico / Punta Pequeña

Area Info: Baja California Sur


Loreto is a “Magical Town” located on the east coast of the Baja California Sur peninsula. This town is a favorite for those seeking a small town feeling surrounded by a plethora of eco minded tours & activities. Located only 6:30hrs driving from Los Cabos or a 35 min flight from La Paz.

  • It was the first Spanish Colonial settlement of the Vice Royalty of Spain in Baja California Sur.
  • This picturesque town, served as the Capital of Las California’s from 1697-1777.
  • The town was founded by Jesuit missionaries, who found abundance of fresh water in this area.
  • In 1767, the Jesuits were expelled & the control of Baja California Sur was given to the Franciscans.

In addition to its historical significance, Loreto offers visitors stunning natural landscapes, which include the majestic Sierra de La Giganta which runs parallel to the ocean & is quite close to the shore, providing a unique back drop to Loreto & its surrounding townships. Loreto boasts numerous beaches; many are found off the beaten path & on its numerous islands which are a short boat ride away. The Loreto Marine Park was created on July 19, 1996 & covers 2,065 Kilometers. The Marine Park consists of 5 Islands. Isla de Carmen, Isla Catalina, Isla Coronado, Isla Danzante, and Isla Montserrat. You’ll be amazed to find such an abundance of sea life.

Municipality of Mulege

This is the most Northern municipality in our state. Located 493 km from La Paz & 283 km from Constitution City & in the past it became one of the main ports in the region.

You can arrive by car from the north or south on highway 1 or fly into the Loreto International airport in Nopolo. This town & its surrounding area is another example of pure virgin untouched beauty. The contrast of the desert & many shades of blue green of the Bay of conception, make this a dream come true. With beaches similar to the Caribbean & Tahiti, you will be amazed to see such beauty & experience the feeling of peace.

Conception Bay / Bahia Concepcion

This bay is the body of water in front of Mulege.  When you first see it by car, your jaw drops & you will probably extend your stay, once you get there.  The amount of sea life is truly amazing.  In this bay, you’ll enjoy fishing, sea kayaking, snorkeling & if you are adventurous, you can drive over to the east side of the bay where you’ll find virgin desert hills that turn into mountains & on the other side of this mountain region, you’ll find another spectacular coastline, the Sea of Cortes.
From this coast line, you can navigate southwards to El Pulpito, San Basilio & all the way down to Loreto & Ensenada Blanca where the Villa del Palmar resort is located.  This is wide open country, unexplored, perfect for those seeking solitude, quality time to spend with friends and family & a true connection with nature.

San Juanico / Punta Pequeña, also known as Scorpion Bay

This sleepy little fishing village is nestled on the northern pacific side of the baja peninsula.  This bay is unique as it faces south & our Summer Southern Hemisphere swells reach into the bay, creating one of the longest waves (Right) on our planet.  During the winter months, we have swells on the more exposed spots on the pacific side of bay.  This town can go from sleepy to bustling with surfers when these swells hit our shores, travelers are mostly from Southern Californians who either drive or fly in to catch waves that could last up to 2 km, yes 2,000 meters on one wave!.

This town is a wonderful place to come and get away from the matrix, reconnect with nature & enjoy spectacular sunrises & sunsets.  The day trips are great, fishing is amazing, kiting is taking off & of course, the surf can be epic and the perfect spot for the entire family to learn this sport.  There is no cell service & limited internet, a few corner stores, 5 or so restaurants & taco & hot dog stands for your culinary enjoyment.  Town runs on a generator, so the bed time comes quick in San Juanico.

Only 14 hr drive south from San Diego & 6:30 hrs drive Northwards from Los Cabos.  For us that live in Cabo and have seen it grow over the past 25 years, our choice to get away is this amazing little town.